How to write 666 in binary

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COBOL and VSAM, access a VSAM Key

COBOL and VSAM, access a VSAM Key In an earlier tutorial we talked about file I/O functions and the use of text files. This program provides an example of how a COBOL program can access a VSAM, KSDS data set. The COBOL program is written using COBOL/2 dialect but also works with COBOL.

<i>Write</i> to file - PHP

Write to file - PHP The Unix operating system (and likewise, Linux) differs from other computing environments in that it is not only a multitasking system but it is also a multi-user system as well. It means that more than one user can be operating the computer at the same time. Nothing wrong with the code, what's wrong with the result? Maybe nothing, I just thought that by writing text in mode it would make it unreadable for the most part. No matter what I write or how much its still just plain ascii text.

Urban Dictionary 1010011010

Urban Dictionary 1010011010 (Note: These examples use the ^ symbol to mean 'raised to the power of' - this is only for convenience in this document, Pure Basic does not currently have a power-of operator! The number 666 in code. "0101100101? What does that mean?" "Nothin'. It's just gibberish. *sees numbers in mirror* 1010011010! Ahhh!".

How to write 666 in binary:

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